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Intel The netbook and MID (mobile internet device) markets are all the rage these days, and Intel is betting big on these markets with its Atom processor line. However, Intel doesn't stop there - the company is even buying wireless networks. According to Intel's CEO Paul Otellini, it's all part of bringing the Internet to new places and people.
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Where are all the Atom MIDs?
by pxa270 on Thu 30th Oct 2008 14:25 UTC
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So where are all the Atom powered MIDs? Apart from some demos on trade shows, I haven't seen any. (Though rumor has it that you can actually buy some in China or Hong Kong.)

It's funny that Intel has one netbook oriented Atom (N270), which is a big hit as practically all the netbooks use them and netbooks are showing up everywhere, and then they have almost half a dozen of device/MID oriented Atom (Z500-Z540) which seem to be going nowhere.

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