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Windows Loyd Case over at ExtremeTech attended Microsoft's technical briefing of Windows 7 and can't help but compare how the new operating system will be better than Vista. Key features are better user support, stability, performance, and many other things. Sounds like a broken record? Probably, but Microsoft learned a lot after Vista launched, and they'll be careful not to repeat a lot of the same mistakes twice.
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I call shens. Go back and read what I said once again because i specifically pointed out that once you configure XP for modern hardware (That includes installing all your drivers) it easily sucks up memory. Yeah you can make XP use less than 100 megs of memory, if you like a crippled system or are using really old hardware and software.

My example was taken from my system after a clean boot (OF COURSE) with all drivers and software (that I need) installed.

Old Hardware?
4 gig RAM
and so on...

I don't know what you mean with crippled system but there is nothing "crippled" about my XP installation...

So, really, if your XP installation reaches 500 MB memory usage without any huge application running you're doing something wrong.

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