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Windows Loyd Case over at ExtremeTech attended Microsoft's technical briefing of Windows 7 and can't help but compare how the new operating system will be better than Vista. Key features are better user support, stability, performance, and many other things. Sounds like a broken record? Probably, but Microsoft learned a lot after Vista launched, and they'll be careful not to repeat a lot of the same mistakes twice.
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Ignoring the technical stuff. You put a 2 year old £300 operating system on a £350 computer, rather than put a
the cutting edge free 8.10 Ubuntu out errm today?? and thats without any kind of Office applications lol perhaps you should get £350 Microsoft Office for it as well ;)

What are you talking about? I have more licensed os'es than hardware to run it on. I do however agree that paying retail, would probably change what OS is installed on the wind...
As for office I use go-oo or star office (free for windows in case you don't know) on most machines.
If fact Right now I'm writing on the wind (1 gb ram) running vista ultimate, chrome, go-oo and opensuse 11 in virtualbox started and the system is still running fine.


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