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Apple With the success of the iPod, the subsequent resurgence in popularity of the Macintosh platform, and the recent iPhone smash hit, it's hard to imagine that Apple was once a company that tried to enter every market possible, leaving a trail of flopped products in its wake. Forbes lists ten of them, and we take a look at some of them, and add one of our own.
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Two (and maybe three more)
by pantheraleo on Thu 30th Oct 2008 21:41 UTC
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The Apple III definitely should have been on that list. I was still working as a computer tech back then. We used to call them popcorn makers. Steve Jobs didn't allow the designers to use a fan, cause he thought they were too noisy. The result was the things ran so hot the motherboards literally warped and would pop chips out of the sockets. Apple actually sent out a tech bulletin that suggested sometimes lifting the unit a few inches off the desk and dropping it would be enough to re-seat the chips and restore normal function.

The Macintosh Performa should probably be on that list as well, as it was largely a flop. It was a consumer level machine that did very poorly and was not marketed well.

Didn't Apple also create a limited edition gold colored Macintosh once on one of their anniversaries? That almost no one bought because the color was so hidious? (it's a collector's item now though IIRC).

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