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Windows Windows Vista's most prominent - and most hated and misunderstood - feature was most likely User Account Control, designed specifically to not only make the system more secure, but also to annoy users and developers, forcing them into making applications that do not require administrator privileges. In Windows 7, Microsoft has done a lot to alleviate the annoyances.
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Developing with Vista
by thecwin on Thu 30th Oct 2008 23:28 UTC
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It's still a nightmare trying to develop software as a standard user on Vista. I'm constantly dropping stuff into the GAC and messing with IIS settings and so on, but almost everything I do requires me to enter an admin password in their screen-blanking UAC thing.

I can't (or at least I'm not aware of how to) just set it up like sudo and let it remember me for 20 minutes and do certain commands without having to enter password/credentials whatsoever. In a number of cases, Microsoft tools don't even work correctly, and the workaround on their KB is to run as an administrator. Even explorer's elevation seems nightmarishly buggy for me and everyone else at work.


Microsoft: Please do us a favour and fix elevation/UAC so we can run as a restricted user but still elevate easily when we need it. Fair enough our needs are different to those of normal users, but the operating system's continued usage depends on developers to write software for it, so don't piss them off.

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