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Windows Windows Vista's most prominent - and most hated and misunderstood - feature was most likely User Account Control, designed specifically to not only make the system more secure, but also to annoy users and developers, forcing them into making applications that do not require administrator privileges. In Windows 7, Microsoft has done a lot to alleviate the annoyances.
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RE[2]: Developing with Vista
by jayson.knight on Fri 31st Oct 2008 04:31 UTC in reply to "RE: Developing with Vista"
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Like you alluded to in your comment, you don't have the standard user needs. So why are you trying to shoehorn yourself into a standard user account?

When writing software for Windows, it is highly recommended you do so using a regular user account since this is the least common denominator...most of the users of your software will be running as non-admin. There are tons of software packages that were written by developers with full admin rights to their machine as the software was authored, only to have a ton of things go wrong when the finished package was run by an end user under a non-admin account.

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