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Windows Windows Vista's most prominent - and most hated and misunderstood - feature was most likely User Account Control, designed specifically to not only make the system more secure, but also to annoy users and developers, forcing them into making applications that do not require administrator privileges. In Windows 7, Microsoft has done a lot to alleviate the annoyances.
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Comment by Kroc
by Kroc on Fri 31st Oct 2008 07:37 UTC
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So now you can just turn the whole thing off easily?
And that protects people... how?

UAC is like having more than one bolt in your door.
Except the keys are always in the lock.

You just walk up and turn a few keys, and you're in.
Security wise - hey you've got three bolts! It's got to be secure! The reality is that you're turning more keys, but since the keys are already in the locks, it makes no difference how many there are.

Useless, absolutely useless.

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