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General Development The proposed new standard for the C++ programming language, C++0x, has reached feature completeness. "This is 'it', feature-complete C++0x, including the major feature of 'concepts' which had its own extensive set of papers for language and library extensions (if you get the impression that concepts is a big feature, well, it is indeed easily the biggest addition we made in C++0x)."
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RE[2]: concurrency
by japh on Fri 31st Oct 2008 08:31 UTC in reply to "RE: concurrency"
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While you might be right that adding full support for threading and synchronization might be too much in some cases, C++ doesn't do enough in other cases.

Here's a fairly long explanation about what makes it possible (and legal) for a C++ compiler to generate code that will make it impossible to use threading at all in your programs.

Somewhere in between ignoring it completely and trying to make everyone happy is probably needed.

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