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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Bang on target, the new version of Ubuntu Linux is available for our downloading pleasure. Amongst various changes it sports updates to the installer, improved networking, and a new 'Mobile USB' version geared towards the blossoming netbook market. Grab a copy from the Ubuntu website, and check out Linux Format's hands-on look. Or the one at Simple Thoughts. Or the one at PolishLinux. And probably a few other websites as well.
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Also a re-install of windows normally only takes about 20-30 minutes for me, same as with a Linux install.

This might be true with a fully configured disk image, but in my experience, with a regular (read: not a restore disk) Windows install CD/DVD it will take the better part of an hour. When it finally finishes, you can start installing the rest of the stuff that makes Windows usable, like vendor drivers and applications.

Desktop GNU/Linux might take the better part of an hour too, but then you have (most of) the drivers and (most of) the desktop applications running as well. It does make a difference. I'm quicker up and running with GNU/Linux than Windows.

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