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Windows Yes, we're still on the subject of Windows 7's user interface overhaul. We know what's going to change, we know what it looks like, but there's one important question that has not really been given much stage time: why? At PDC, one session was dedicated to just that question. Speaking is Chaitanya Sareen [.wmv], part of the windows user interface team. He'll place the changes in Windows 7 into context, talk about Windows' user interface history, and he'll explain why certain changes were made. An interesting insight into the goals of the Windows 7 interface.
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Change it, but don't change anything!
by Serophos on Fri 31st Oct 2008 15:26 UTC
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When reading through tech forums all those so called "OS-enthuiasts" always cry for Microsoft to change their Windows user interface because it is so unusable, "cluttered" (what ever that means), an such a general pain in the a$$. But when MS finally changes the UI, starting with Windows Vista, Office 2007 and going even further in Windows 7, the same people that cried before start complaining that "Function A" is not where it used to be, and The old menu was so much more usefull. The only complain I will rise is that Microsoft did not remove the classic Start-menu and the Classic-Theme from Vista. And I sure hope they do so in Windows Seven. All those ties and glue that are needed to keep those old parts inside is what makes Windows such a mess!

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