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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The growing popularity of open-source browsers and software may be responsible for the increasing gap between the exposure of a vulnerability and the provision of patch to fix it, security software vendor Symantec has said."
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by protagonist on Mon 19th Sep 2005 19:40 UTC
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I find the article very amusing. I used to beta test just about every program Symantec put out a few years back. And they had some extremely good programs at one time. Over the years their philosophy changed from putting out good software to making more money.

I stopped testing for Symantec a few years ago and the reason I did so is why I would be highly skeptical of anything they say. That being that we were reporting major flaws in the programs than not only were not fixed before the software was released, but the same major flaws would be present in the beta for the next major release. Many of these flaws were security related and to the best of my knowledge were never aired in public. Seems to me they may have an axe to grind here.

This alone would lead me to doubt anything they had to say on coding flaws. Add to that the fact that they are closely tied to MS and you have to wonder whose interests they have at heart here.

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