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Linux InternetNews talks to developers and vendors about the rise of Btrfs as a successor to Ext4. Though Ext4 adds extents, Chris Mason, Btrfs developer noted that BTRFS adds a number of other features beyond that. Among those features are items like snapshotting, online file consistency checks and the ability to perform fast incremental backups. BTRFS (pronounced better FS) is currently under development in an effort led by Oracle engineer Chris Mason. With the support of Intel, Red Hat, HP, IBM, BTRFS could become the engine that brings next generation filesystem capabilities to Linux.
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RE[3]: Only so few?
by diegocg on Fri 31st Oct 2008 21:56 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Only so few?"
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Even when it reaches v1.0, BTRFS will be far behind ZFS. Just look at the features.

Sure it won't implement all the "advanced" features, but it will implement all the features people cares about - mutiple device management, raid-z, selfhealing, cheap snapshots. And other features (like I/O priority) don't even need to be implemented by btrfs because they are already implemented in the generic block layer.

Also there are no current plans for transparent compression on BTRFS

Transparent compression on btrfs was merged two days ago -

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