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Linux InternetNews talks to developers and vendors about the rise of Btrfs as a successor to Ext4. Though Ext4 adds extents, Chris Mason, Btrfs developer noted that BTRFS adds a number of other features beyond that. Among those features are items like snapshotting, online file consistency checks and the ability to perform fast incremental backups. BTRFS (pronounced better FS) is currently under development in an effort led by Oracle engineer Chris Mason. With the support of Intel, Red Hat, HP, IBM, BTRFS could become the engine that brings next generation filesystem capabilities to Linux.
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Type Field
by transami on Sat 1st Nov 2008 04:39 UTC
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Hey FS man! Can you spare a brother 32 bits?

All these fancy features, and still not the one feature I've been waiting to see for decades --a type field in the inode.

Every file has a type, and with the exception of executables we add archaic .xyz extensions to the names of our files, and start them off with an archaic "!#/usr/bin crazy" shebang line, or emacian -*- stuff -*-, and depend on magic mime to figure it out by content. Isn't it time for something a little more reliable? I for one would really like to get out of the 1980s.

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