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QNX If there is one operating system that has a special place in my heart, it's QNX. This microkernel operating system served as my main desktop operating system for months and months back in the day, during the short-lived QNX Desktop scene - which died out due to a lack of interest from QNX' parent company, QNX Software Systems. The money is in the embedded and high reliability markets, and that's where QSS - understandably - focused its efforts. QNX was sort-of open sourced in September 2007, and today the company has announced the release of QNX 6.4, the first major release since 6.3 in 2004.
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Fast boot time
by Gregory Isaacs on Sat 1st Nov 2008 08:51 UTC
Gregory Isaacs
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I had in once installed some time ago and loved the fast boot time - I mean really fast. Unfortunately they didn't have working USB-2 and proper video drivers at that time or perhaps I didn't find them.

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