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Mono Project Build applications for Linux while maintaining cross-platform capabilities using .NET languages.
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by Anonymous on Mon 19th Sep 2005 20:00 UTC
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ok, first of all, read this

Seth is one of the top gnome guys, and one of the redhat engineers. That is his reasoning on why there are problems with mono in a legal sense, and gives a very compelling reason not to let it become an official gnome dependancy.

The only thing that shakes his argument is an email by a .net engineer in a non official context on a non official mailing list. And yet, miguel and co. writes off *any* hesitation as zealotry, and huge amounts of people who have been drinking the ms hype (.net isnt anywhere near as revolutionary as its made out to be, and there are plenty of more mature, crossplatform RADs out there that you can develop on). Seth offers some compelling arguments that i dont think are even remotely zealotous, and i have yet to see any counter points that address these issues. and quite frankly, im a tad annoyed that all it takes to be marked as zealotous nowadays is to not stand with ms, and someone to point a fingure.

1. historically, ms hasnt been one to play fair
2. historically, ms doesnt stay consistant
3. ms has explicitly use their patents against oss
4. ecma is not ANSI, you retain IP ownership, and are allowed to charge a "reasonable" royalty. a royalty of 0.0000001$ is more then reasonable, and makes mono gpl incompatible. i think it would be prudent to have more then a non official email on a non official mailing list from ms before trusting they will not do this. yet that is what the mono project is telling us.
5. it isnt in ms' best interest to exploit any of this until the day when it needs a weapon against gnome.
6. microsoft has a long history of shifty, anti-competitive behavior. why put a (potential) weapon in their hands when we dont need to?

saying something is zealotry doesnt make it so. i would like to hear a more cohearent argument from some mono guys that actually adresses these issues, rather then implying rabid anti-ms behavior. for the record, i use windows every day at work to develop on a propriatary platform. i know c#, mono is installed on my system and i use many mono apps. mono as a technology is fantastic, and i have nothing but respect for miguel and the rest of the mono team. we need something like this in gnome, but i dont think its a good idea to use this specific platform, and i have yet to hear a compelling arguments that stand up to what seth (and to a lesser extent, havoc) were talking about.

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