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Opera Software An interesting NYT Bits blog entry covers Opera's mobile browser. Buried in the middle of the article is this quote: "Opera's engineers have developed a version of Opera Mini that can run on an Apple iPhone, but Apple won't let the company release it because it competes with Apple's own Safari browser." It also talks about Opera on the Wii and browsers in cars. A good read. My Take: But back to the iPhone. As tempted as I am to just shrug it off, since Apple is free to run its App Store any way it pleases, as an enthusiastic iPhone user, I think Apple is shooting itself in the foot here, as it is with all the "competitive" apps being rejected. Apple does stand to lose some Google revenue by letting people use other browsers, but they have much more to gain by unleashing the creativity of the developer community and giving them the freedom to improve or replace core iPhone functionality. Hopefully competition from Android forces them to wake up.
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RE[3]: Ridiculous
by Silent_Seer on Sat 1st Nov 2008 13:04 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Ridiculous"
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Not that I am defending Apple here, but if you don't want to use their product, cause you don't agree with their practices, then don't. They are a niche player anyways. I think they are entitled to having their embedded devices (iphone, ipod, AppleTV) as open or as closed as they want.

Full disclosure: I do not use any Apple product. Nor should any student such as me, who are always constrained for cash.

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