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Windows And yet some more information about Windows 7 has found its way to users. Ars Technica is present at Microsoft's Professional Developer Conference, and they dove into the new Device Stage feature, as well as the new Libraries feature in the Windows Explorer file manager.
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RE: More and more...
by Panajev on Sat 1st Nov 2008 14:03 UTC in reply to "More and more..."
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and more and more Windows is trying to be like BeOS with the glitz of MacOS X's UI.

This ain't a bad thing, though.

The better Windows becomes, the better the competition must become, so go Windows 7! ( hehe )

--The loon

I agree, MacOS X already showed that the assumption "eye pleasing graphics + ease of use != system security, versatility, and stability" was flawed and you COULD do better.

Windows 7 building on top of the great (IMHO) under-the-hood changes Vista pioneered for the desktop Windows OS system, optimizing performance, focusing on usability and UI consistency, will not only be good news for Windows users, but for Linux users too as IMHO will motivate the OSS to leapfrog their competition (and this will be good news for everyone).

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