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Mono Project Build applications for Linux while maintaining cross-platform capabilities using .NET languages.
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by segedunum on Mon 19th Sep 2005 20:21 UTC in reply to "FUD"
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But please, don't tell me about KDE code quality!

You might not want to hear it, but you're being told.

Did it ever occured to you, why the biggest/best/most-advanced Linux applications we have are written in G-technologies? (GObject, Gtk, GStreamer, Glib) This is solely because the G-API is superior to Qt/Kde API and developers are smart enough to see that.

Pardon? Glib and everything that surrounds it is an absolute pile of junk for programmers - a necessary evil sometimes, but junk nontheless. In terms of the desktop you need the power of natively compiled code and the ability to do rather low level things (you can't run a whole desktop in a VM I'm afraid), but with the object-oriented power of C++, a development toolkit and higher level attributes that actually allow you to do things rather than debugging your own development tools.

As KDE 4 comes around (and other desktops get left behind) the non-political, straightforward reasons why KDE chose to use Qt will become very, very visible, and we'll start to see some people get ever more uncomfortable.

Hint: Mono and mono-enabled applications are (likely) already a part of your Linux distribution. You clearly missed the moment they killed Kennedy.

The primary applications that use Mono are a desktop search tool with Lucene re-written in C#, and an application to arrange your photos that everyone treats as the second coming that isn't really a patch on something like Digikam. *sarcasm*Yer, Mono is really rocking my world*/sarcasm*. Mono applications are certainly in my distribution, somewhere, but I'm not using them much (there actually aren't that many, and they consume an absolutely incredible amount of memory). I can really see why Novell is investing all that money and people are so excited :-).

The supposed productivity benefits of .Net are certainly not translating into better applications either. Well, that is a more crucial area for Gnome but it isn't in certain other desktops. They have better development tools already ;-).

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