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QNX If there is one operating system that has a special place in my heart, it's QNX. This microkernel operating system served as my main desktop operating system for months and months back in the day, during the short-lived QNX Desktop scene - which died out due to a lack of interest from QNX' parent company, QNX Software Systems. The money is in the embedded and high reliability markets, and that's where QSS - understandably - focused its efforts. QNX was sort-of open sourced in September 2007, and today the company has announced the release of QNX 6.4, the first major release since 6.3 in 2004.
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Not enough resources.
by frank on Mon 3rd Nov 2008 03:25 UTC
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I can't get behind QNX any more. I got burned for choosing them for an old project years ago. The kernel was good, but the problem is like every other closed source OS where you become completely reliant on few developers to extend the platform. Think of all of the resources that MSFT can throw behind Windows Mobile, that Nokia can throw into Symbian. QNX probably has less than a quarter of the developer resources. Try to get an embedded browser with an up-to-date Flash plugin, Skype, Divx or other apps and extensions. That's the bottleneck, and will always be 2 generations behind the most useful stuff.

Linux boots fast too - easily under 5 seconds straight into Mozilla, when it's configured correctly. That guy was also booting off of a flash drive, which takes considerably less power and time to boot. Yes, I can back this up.

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