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Graphics, User Interfaces Oliver Hamann released a new version of his futuristic user environment called Eagle Mode. But the most interesting news is probably his project philosophy. There he lists pros and cons for replacing most of today's user interfaces by zoomable user interfaces. But unlike others, he don't want to replace the concept of desktop windows.
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60 minutes
by frank on Mon 3rd Nov 2008 04:02 UTC
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I just saw a segment on 60 minutes about BCI (Brain Computer interface) for those who suffered from Lou Gehrig's or Strokes as a means for communication, navigation, etc. They basically created WMP interfaces for typing, and moving cursors around a screen. It's slow, and relatively accurate. I wonder, though, if ZUI's would help speed things up.

Imagine zooming in on a Letter 'A' instead of waiting for the lettr to scroll by, or moving a cursor to it to "click" on it. Seems like it could be more accurate,, and potentially even faster since you're breaking the alphabet into quadrants, narrowing down the available choices by zooming in.

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