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Intel APCMag has tested Intel's latest Core i7 processor architecture that does away with the Front Side Bus and replaces it with the company's QuickPath Interconnect and has (back from the dead) hyperthreading. "This month, Intel moves on from the Core microarchitecture to the next generation of processors for mobile, desktop and servers, codenamed Nehalem and officially named the Core i7 family. We've spent a few weeks with Intel's test kit for the new desktop part, codenamed Bloomfield, as well as the new compatible motherboard chipset the X58 Express, codenamed Tylersburg."
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FSB-less Atom?
by robinh on Mon 3rd Nov 2008 12:53 UTC
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Does anyone know if / when an FSB-less Atom processor will arrive? From what I understand, this could mean significant power saving on Netbook chips - maybe a good reason to wait for th next generation of EEE PC's?

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