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QNX If there is one operating system that has a special place in my heart, it's QNX. This microkernel operating system served as my main desktop operating system for months and months back in the day, during the short-lived QNX Desktop scene - which died out due to a lack of interest from QNX' parent company, QNX Software Systems. The money is in the embedded and high reliability markets, and that's where QSS - understandably - focused its efforts. QNX was sort-of open sourced in September 2007, and today the company has announced the release of QNX 6.4, the first major release since 6.3 in 2004.
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by rawsausage on Mon 3rd Nov 2008 18:38 UTC in reply to "Not enough resources."
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You can not boot any operating system in less than 3 seconds. I have tried three times telling it to the Developers, once on /. and twice on planet Ubuntu and planet Gnome. I got put down very fast and crudely. They are just happy to be perfect with their shitty optimization to be able to boot in less than 30 seconds on common hardware. I call that 1 second startup from the video a hoax!

Also, I call 5 seconds on Linux a hoax. I was told by so magnificent, omnipotent, and Developerish developers that I can not question what they told me!

Ok, enough of irony. No operating system really should boot for 5 seconds to a complete desktop environment. Or 3 seconds. 2 seconds sounds more like it. a) There simply are no good reasons for it b) It doesn't produce any extra value to be slow c) It is well possible and not even hard to boot really fast d) It WOULD benefit the users. The sad thing is, I don't seriously believe it would be even hard to do with the common desktop.

It's just lack of integration, silly decisions like starting 1-5 different VMs for 1-5 times in the process for nothing, and lack of doing things in proper order and in proper time. Piece of cake tbh.

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