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Windows A long and detailed preview of Windows 7 appeared on ActiveWin. Many screenshots included. "It's safe to say I am overwhelmed, overjoyed and most of all excited about Windows 7", the author concludes.
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i'll try it
by frantisheq on Tue 4th Nov 2008 09:33 UTC
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i will but i didn't like vista and i'm not sure ehmx dock will fix it. i like the concept though. gimme less control panel icons that will make it more productive to me. i really hate scrolling through control panel items in start menu that is 2 times bigger than my 22" display. and categories won't help i just can't get used it and pleeeease if it updates itself and then asks me if it should restart with OK and Wait 10 minutes buttons ;) make it wait by default. few days ago i was flashing firmware in my dreambox-like receiver and vista nearly restarted. not sure Bill would pay me for bricked receiver.

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