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Windows A long and detailed preview of Windows 7 appeared on ActiveWin. Many screenshots included. "It's safe to say I am overwhelmed, overjoyed and most of all excited about Windows 7", the author concludes.
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by spiderman on Tue 4th Nov 2008 09:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by strim"
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Come on, 2 weeks ago, we got one article to tell how they would call it and one article to tell why they called it Windows 7. This is not what people expect from news aggregators. Now this article is actually interesting, but this should have been the only one. I know you get dollars by posting Windows articles but this is too much. I expect no more than one article per month for an OS that is not available but 1 article out of 3 talk about Windows 7 these days! If you want to know everything that is going on about Windows 7, Read the blogs on Microsoft sites, register to mailing lists but there is no need to post 3 article every single day with new screenshots.

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