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Linux Greg Kroah-Hartman is a longtime developer of the Linux kernel, known for his work maintaining USB drivers. O'Reilly Media recently interviewed Greg about his claim that the Linux kernel now supports more devices than any other operating system ever has, as well as why binary-only drivers are illegal, and how the kernel development process works. "I went and asked every single hardware manufacturer, the big guys that ship the boxes, Dell, IBM, HP--what do you ship that isn't supported by Linux? They came back with nothing. Everything is supported by Linux. If you have a device that isn't supported by Linux that's being shipped today, let me know.". If you would like to take up Greg KH on his claim, his email address is greg AT
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Gee so why doesn't it work...?
by quatermass on Tue 4th Nov 2008 10:44 UTC
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I've a ATI Radeon 7000 AGP card and a DELL Widescreen LCD bought 6 months ago and yet if I install Ubunto 8 it simply thinks I've got a 800x600 screen instead of 1680x1050.

I then have to dig out the technical specs of my monitor, rewrite some X graphics text file and along the way I had to inform the Ubuntu people that the page on how to do this manual tweaking was out-of-date and didn't work.

Give me Windows any day. Linux needs to get its documentation house in order. Take a look at the number of forums around of people struggling for help.

It's no longer good enough to just write new and clever software and then skip writing about how to use it. :-)

I'm a IT bod, so I managed. But a ordinary non-techie person would not have a clue.

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