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X11, Window Managers Kristian Hogsberg, Red Hat Xorg developer and the key person behind successful projects such as AIGLX, has now started working on a new project called Wayland, a tiny display server and compositing manager.
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by siride on Tue 4th Nov 2008 19:49 UTC in reply to "Innovation"
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This is not really competition for It's a playground test BY a Freedesktop developer. And is progressing along quite quickly at the moment. So much of the stack is being replaced, rewritten and redesigned that I imagine within 2-3 years, it will be quite different from what we saw during the XFree86 days, if it isn't already. KMS, GEM, DRI2, Composite, Gallium3D, XInput2, evdev -- all these things have happened since the end of XFree86 and there's more coming down the pipeline.

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