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Windows Microsoft's Professional Developers Conference might be over, but that doesn't mean news about Windows 7 suddenly stops coming in. We have news for you on the elusive MinWin kernel, which created a sort of crazy hype a year ago, and Rafael Rivera found a way to enable the new taskbar on the pre-beta build handed out to PDC attendees. This build, carrying number 6801, didn't have the latest taskbar revamp - you needed a newer build for that, build 6933, which hasn't been released to the public.
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RE[2]: The Core of Windows
by riha on Tue 4th Nov 2008 20:19 UTC in reply to "RE: The Core of Windows"
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Actually, no need to criticize Vista when you in this case did it the wrong way.

As for all upgrades, for all different OS:es or applications, it is up to you to check the compatibility before doing the upgrade.

If something doesn´t work after upgrading and you find out that the app is not compatible, then you didn´t make your homework.

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