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GNU, GPL, Open Source Theora is a video codec with a small CPU footprint that offers easy portability and requires no patent royalties. While the Theora bitstream format was standardized in 2004 and our beta releases have been used by millions, this 1.0 release is an important milestone reflecting the maturity and stability of the Theora codebase. A number of leading multimedia web groups already support Theora. Upcoming releases of Mozilla Firefox, the world's most popular open source browser, will support Theora natively, as will releases of the multi-platform Opera browser. Top-10 website Wikipedia uses Theora for all of its video.
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no hardware plays theodora
by renhoek on Tue 4th Nov 2008 22:51 UTC
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no hardware (standalone dvd player, ipod, ps3 etc etc) can play ogg/mkv/ogm and all that stuff. and i mean without dirty unsupported hacks.

while i would love to see a patent free codec (and so should the hw. manufacturers) it didn't happen yet. unless this happens i see ogg or any other codec simply not practical for day to day usage.

just a note for the ogg developers, if you want to succeed, make an easy installer. and with easy i do mean easy. either have it build in the player, or make it a single click installer. as an experienced user i have trouble getting it to run, how can the masses adopt it?

and don't offer source downloads, it only confuses people. nobody uses it besides package maintainers. those people will find the tars anyway if it's a bit more hidden. all other developers use the svn tree.

good luck with polishing.

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