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GNU, GPL, Open Source It seems that Haiku hacker Francois Revol (mmu_man) posted a few messages to a thread in MSI's forums asking to provide hardware with open specifications and/or (non-GPL) FOSS drivers such that alternative operating systems like Haiku and others could benefit and be supported as well. His messages were seemingly squelched by a forum moderator as "rubbish" while other, pro-Linux, postings seem to have remain untouched. Francois decided to respond with a public blog rant of his own opinions regarding the state of open source driver support and vendors' responsibility to their customers.
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This is badly needed
by chris_dk on Wed 5th Nov 2008 16:51 UTC
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The world is not only Windows and Linux. Open specs for all hardware should be a goal so we are not locked into specific OS'es.

However, I can see the problem of providing specs for hardware that is very cheap and has a short life cycle. It's very hard to go against the stream in hardware world: cheap products that are replaced every year by supposedly better performing products.

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