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Hardware, Embedded Systems It's no secret that SSDs suffer from performance penalties when it comes to small random writes. Even though more modern SSD try to solve some of these issues hardware-wise, software can also play a major role. Instead of resorting to things like delaying all writes until shutdown and storing them in RAM, SanDisk claims it has a better option. At WinHEC yesterday, the company introduced its Extreme FFS, which it claims will improve write performance on SSDs by a factor of 100.
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Not the Answer
by MightyPenguin on Thu 6th Nov 2008 18:32 UTC
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This is just a stopgap solution that probably won't really work for most people. Just like the all the crazy memory compressor software that used to be out there that tried to give you more ram with a bunch of software compression tricks. It kind of worked some of the time, and most of the time your system was slower and more unstable.

No, the real solution as always is newer technology on the hardware end. There are new kinds of flash memory coming out that are faster to read/write and can handle more write cycles. I foresee the day when people might not buy ram for mid/lower range systems because the flash storage they use for their hard drives is fast enough to use a modest 30gb of their 500gb flash drive for ram. This is similar to what's already being done on a lot of mobile devices now.

And I think this would help a lot with suspend/resume support. Yeah the hardware devices would need to be reinitialized, but your ram image could be on your hard drive so if you loose power, no big deal.

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