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Hardware, Embedded Systems It's no secret that SSDs suffer from performance penalties when it comes to small random writes. Even though more modern SSD try to solve some of these issues hardware-wise, software can also play a major role. Instead of resorting to things like delaying all writes until shutdown and storing them in RAM, SanDisk claims it has a better option. At WinHEC yesterday, the company introduced its Extreme FFS, which it claims will improve write performance on SSDs by a factor of 100.
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by christian on Sun 9th Nov 2008 15:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: so..."
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i read the FS part as File System. and unless one file system can pretend to be something else, its at the very least exposed to the os. and if so, it will need drivers, either built into the os or installed afterwards.

Well, TrueFFS, of which this is an evolution, provides a block mapping, plus some FAT specific optimisation. It certainly didn't provide a filesystem in the classic operating system sense.

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