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Despite warnings to businesses about the dangers of skipping Windows Vista, many IT managers and CIOs are standing firm that the risks of migrating to Vista outweigh the benefits.
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RE[4]: The way I see it...
by sbergman27 on Sun 9th Nov 2008 19:11 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: The way I see it..."
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They're almost as idiotically blind as the Linux lovers. Many of them haven't even tried Vista for any length of time. They have old hardware that doesn't work? Boohoo...

For someone trying to depict others as hopelessly over-emotional and blind... you don't seem to be coming off particularly objective yourself. I don't really see a problem with the "lovers". They might not see everything, but they are hardly blind. Love of platform is a great motivating factor, and a little evangelism is not a bad thing. It's the "haters" that can be a problem.

I strongly dislike Microsoft and their OSes. But I can have very pleasant and productive conversations with people who dislike Linux. And I learn from them. Best to keep our loves, and do our best to convert our hates into healthy dislikes.

Best regards to Albert Ellis, wherever he may be. :-)

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