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In the News What stands a better chance of surviving 50 years from now, a framed photograph or a 10-megabyte digital photo file on your computer's hard drive? The concern for archivists and information scientists is that, with ever-shifting platforms and file formats, much of the data we produce today could eventually fall into a black hole of inaccessibility.
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CD's last forever ?
by jokinin on Mon 10th Nov 2008 10:43 UTC
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I remember when we were told that CD's would last for all our lives, and well, i rescued some of the first CD's i burned 10 years ago, and the had become almost transparent, and obviously, they couldn't be read and i had to throw them away. And i was a bit angry because they contained some music i download via dialup i wanted to listen back ;)
I feel hard disks are much safer, but i don't know if they will last longer than 10 years or so.

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