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Amiga & AROS Saturday November 8, I received an email from someone, inquiring if I would be interested in "doing a first interview/introduction into a new operating system". We get these emails and news submissions all the time, and most of the time, "new operating system" means Ubuntu-with-a-black-theme, so we don't bother. I figured this time things wouldn't be different, but after a bit of digging around, there's a little more to it this time.
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Comment by Jenne
by Jenne on Tue 11th Nov 2008 14:43 UTC
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I think MorphOS turned out pretty decent lately... ;-)

All those "pseudo" OSes which take a Linux Kernel and put their "my concept is the bestest eva!" thing on top are still just another flavour of Linux. So many times all their good work is worth nothing in the end than just another personal nerd playground. Unfortunately...

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