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Windows Back in 1983, 25 years ago, the world was quite different. The market for the home computer - still a fairly new market - was wide open, but Apple was about to make a major splash with its Macintosh. It was also the year in which a company from Redmond first introduced its "Windows" operating system. What is this Windows you speak of?
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by hobgoblin on Tue 11th Nov 2008 22:56 UTC
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i wonder if microsoft will have the stamina to stick to something now that bill gates have left.

if there was one person that knew to hang on to an idea that could work, it was him.

i guess thats why both apple and microsoft have stayed around, both have had leaders that would stay true to their ideas no matter what the world where telling them.

the big diff i guess is that jobs is a designer, in his own mind if not in reality. he wants things to look good first and foremost.

gates on the other hand wants things to work, and be used. he is a engineer. see a problem, fix the problem. things like looks and user experience is of lesser importance.

so i guess we can see the slow walk of gates out of microsoft with xp, vista and now win7.

how so? the looks. xp first tried to color up a ui that had stayed more or less static since win95. vista continued that trend. and win7 even more so.

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