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Windows Back in 1983, 25 years ago, the world was quite different. The market for the home computer - still a fairly new market - was wide open, but Apple was about to make a major splash with its Macintosh. It was also the year in which a company from Redmond first introduced its "Windows" operating system. What is this Windows you speak of?
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by hobgoblin on Tue 11th Nov 2008 22:59 UTC in reply to "Mouse"
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given that no pc at that time came shipped with a mouse, not surprising.

same deal with cd-rom, dvd-rom, and so on.

games and software on cd's started showing up first when all new pc's sold had a optical drive. similarly, games started coming on dvd only when a majority had a dvd drive out the box.

usb sticks only really took of when pc's came with windows that supported the usb storage profile, and computers came with usb ports on the front.

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