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Mac OS X Yesterday, Parallels unveiled Parallels Desktop 4.0. The virtualisation tool for the Mac. Parallels allows you to run several operating systems 'on top' of Mac OS X, similar to VMware, Qemu, and other similar tools. Version 4.0 comes packed with new features and improvements.
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Fusion and Parallels
by boing on Wed 12th Nov 2008 18:22 UTC
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I was using Parallels 3.0 and then tried Fusion 2.0 because I wanted the 64-bit and multi-CPU support. I installed 4 virtual machines that run at once (on a Mac Pro). It was very slow overall (really impacted the MAC side when all 4 VMs were running @ once), and one would hang during the Solaris X86 install. My MAC OS X system crashed (due to trying to run both Fusion & Parallels @ the same time), I brought it back up and a Fusion virtual machine wouldn't boot, it gave an error. When I checked the VMware forums other users had this same problem and it had a horrible work around.
After this Fusion 2.0 experience I went back to using Parallels 3.0. In my personal testing, Parallels 3.0 ran much faster Windows guest then Fusion 2.0. Parallels is as stable as Fusion on my setup. This was using virtual hard disk files (not a dedicated volume).
I installed Parallels 4.0 the other day and converted all my virtual machines. A couple gave an error, but all I had to do was login and manually install the Parallel Tools. So far everything is working great, and it is really fast. The Corherence mode works much smoother. I also like how the Windows task bar icons appear in the MAC top tool bar when in Corherence. So far I really like Parallels 4.0, and from my personal tests on my MAC Pro, it runs much better then Fusion 2.0, and offers more features. I would suggest for anyone wondering which one to get to get both and try it yourself and you be the judge. In my case Parallels wins hands down (and this is coming from a VMware ESX admin).

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