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Mac OS X Yesterday, Parallels unveiled Parallels Desktop 4.0. The virtualisation tool for the Mac. Parallels allows you to run several operating systems 'on top' of Mac OS X, similar to VMware, Qemu, and other similar tools. Version 4.0 comes packed with new features and improvements.
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RE[2]: Virtualbox
by Arun on Wed 12th Nov 2008 18:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Virtualbox"
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Tried it on my 20" iMac...blech. It didn't do the video right. The days I have to edit the xorg.conf file should be over.

Not saying it won't get better...and I will continue to try it.

All I had to do was select "install virtualguest additions" and install that in all the guests.

I get 1440x900 in all 3 guests.

It can't hurt to try the others with the free trials. I am going to as well.

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