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OpenBSD O'Reilly interviewed 27 OpenBSD developers to present the new release. They discussed buffer cache improvements, the new malloc(), the work to make the math library more C99 compliant, what is new in the SCSI area, crypto support for softraid, a lot of fundamental work happened in PF, a new tool to merge configuration files during upgrades, the status of OpenCVS, some cool features of OpenSSH 5.1, the initial support for USB webcams, the never-ending work on improving and extending the sensors framework, and more.
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Quite nice, just as expected
by foldingstock on Wed 12th Nov 2008 20:34 UTC
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I've been using OpenBSD as a router for several years now and I use it off and on as a server. It has always been a simple, clean, and stable environment. The latest 4.4 release is no different.

<blockquote>yet they still waste time by doing things such as trying to reimplement CVS, just because they don't like the GNUGPL. Crazy, if you ask me.</blockquote>

Do you contribute source code to the OpenBSD project? Do you donate money? If not, you really have no reason to complain.

Just because one solution exists for a particular problem does not mean it is the most efficient. Open source is a free and open market. I'm glad to see competitive efforts in the field.

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