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OpenBSD O'Reilly interviewed 27 OpenBSD developers to present the new release. They discussed buffer cache improvements, the new malloc(), the work to make the math library more C99 compliant, what is new in the SCSI area, crypto support for softraid, a lot of fundamental work happened in PF, a new tool to merge configuration files during upgrades, the status of OpenCVS, some cool features of OpenSSH 5.1, the initial support for USB webcams, the never-ending work on improving and extending the sensors framework, and more.
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RE[2]: "Masturbating monkeys"?
by sakeniwefu on Thu 13th Nov 2008 12:21 UTC in reply to "RE: "Masturbating monkeys"?"
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Well, X runs perfectly fine on KVM/QEMU I cannot understand why people enjoy that limited proprietary clone.
However, I do not use X for my OpenBSD VMs I have them to test things I wouldn't dare to do in a real machine with real data inside.
No need for X - I have the Linux host for that.
I could probably use X as it was intended and pump apps into to my box but, as I usually just use the terminal, what I do is I forward a virtual port and communicate with it via ssh with the main tty on stdout. I have two nice puffy icons in my Xubuntu desktop, one for the "daemon" and another for the ssh sessions. Seamless desktop integration, I say.

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