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Legal Prices of flat panels have been dropping quite steadily ever since they first came to market, but apparently, they could've dropped a whole lot lower if it wasn't for those pesky flat panel manufacturers. Three flat panel makers, LG Display, Sharp, and Chunghwa Picture Tubes (tubes...?) have pleaded guilty to engaging in price fixing schemes to the US Department of Justice, and agreed to a shared USD 585 million fine.
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RE[2]: kickbacks?
by axel on Thu 13th Nov 2008 16:53 UTC in reply to "RE: kickbacks?"
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because up until now those were the standard prices, so whatever they Apple/Dell were charging was with the price factored in, hence it wouldn't really be "swallowing it" that phrase is kind of reserved if the prices had jumped higher suddenly but they continued to charge the same.

but yeah the question is now whether the consumer will see anything from this. My guess is yes, just because with the economy down I suspect that it's better for them to sell more laptops than make an extra 20-30 bucks per, and a drop in prices would probably help that, though not having their numbers, I can't say that for certain.

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