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Privacy, Security, Encryption McColo Corp, an internet service provider that has been confirmed to be the provider of choice to a rogue's gallery of unsavory clients, has been cut off by its backbone providers, cutting the world's total volume of spam by as much as 75%. Sadly, these people will undoubtedly be able to find other service eventually. But enjoy the respite while it lasts.
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RE: Well done!
by shykid on Fri 14th Nov 2008 17:19 UTC in reply to "Well done!"
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Thing is, at one point there were--and still are if things haven't changed much--quite a few hosting businesses that cater to this type of clientele specifically (although usually not explicitly for obvious reasons). They know exactly what's going on but turn a blind eye to it.

Hopefully more of them will get cut off at the backbone. That combined with legislation is probably the best way to stop spammers.

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