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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu One of those traditional "I'm a user of abc, trying out xyz" articles. This time, a Mac user tries Ubuntu 8.10, and concludes: "Linux has come a long way, but it's not totally ready for the mom and pop folks, in my opinion. In the two days of testing, with two occasions it refused to load the graphic drivers and I could not enjoy Compiz. I found a tutorial which taught me how to modify xorg.conf to load XGL (I suspect that messing with the resolution of the second screen might have overwritten the xorg.conf file). Even so, I'd say Ubuntu 8.10 is a fantastic operating system. I guess it may take a while to tweak an Ubuntu installation to perfection, especially for more demanding users. I will recommend Ubuntu to everyone who can't afford a Mac, are not into heavy media content creation or hard-core gaming."
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Not Ready for Mom and Pop?
by ashcrow on Sun 16th Nov 2008 17:19 UTC
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Tell that to my parents who did just fine for a long time with their Fedora system. True, I installed it for them, but after that I really didn't have to do anything .... it actually just worked :-). With thay being said they didn't have a need for Quicksilver (Gnome-do) or Expose (Compiz) ... they just wanted web, email, documents, games and communication software which was a breeze to setup and just as easy showing them how to keep it updated (click this, put in your password, fin).

Full disclosure, my mom now runs with Vista because of online applications for work that ONLY work with IE (no Firefox/Opera/Safari/Konq support).

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