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Oracle and SUN The world hasn't been kind to Sun for quite a while now, but with the economic downturn, things are getting worse. Sun announced today that it will be laying off 18% of its workforce, or about 6000 people. In addition, it was announced that Sun's software chief Rich Green has resigned for reasons that were not stated, although as part of Sun's reorganization and cost cutting efforts, many departments are being merged, and the software division is being restructured and reorganized.
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RE[3]: MySQL and the future?
by sbergman27 on Mon 17th Nov 2008 13:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: MySQL and the future?"
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What, you don't believe that table locks is a sufficient substitute for atomic transactions?

Nor that we should be inventing our own SQL "standard". MySQL shares much with PHP. It's easy for people who don't know any better, and are just learning programming, to get started with them. And by the time they've created big ugly messes with them, they've already become conditioned to that being normal, and don't see a problem.

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