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Graphics, User Interfaces At its annual MAX user conference, Adobe puts on the dog and serves up new tooling and other support for Flash. Adobe introduces Flex Builder Gumbo, Flash Catalyst " formerly known as Thermo, the availability of Adobe AIR 1.5 and a pre-release of the 64-bit Linux version of Adobe Flash Player 10. Adobe also opens up its cloud initiative, known as Cocomo, as a public beta.
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Advance and Flash in same sentence ??
by mmu_man on Mon 17th Nov 2008 21:48 UTC
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A real adance would be fully opensource flash or just no flash at all.
(the fact that the specs are supposedly available doesn't seem to be enough, seeing how gnash performs (didn't try swfdec, and both are not as portable as they should really be anyway), besides this doesn't extend to the codecs used for youtube-like applications, like VP6...)

Sorry to sound harsh, but flash just doesn't work here. And in XP I had to remove it due to perf reasons:
or rather, try to remove it as Yahoo Msgr installed it back without asking...
On Linux it's not that much better:

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