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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Thanks to the Mandriva Xfce volunteer development team, a community Xfce One edition of Mandriva Linux 2009 is now available for download from all official Mandriva mirrors. A list of download locations can be found on the Wiki page. This release gives you all the benefits of Mandriva Linux 2009 along with a fast and stable Xfce desktop.
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But here's the thing... even xfce to a certain degree is bloating on 256Mb seeing as it only leaves 100Mb free. On 256Mb I'm hesitant to recommend even a full kde3 session. If you prune things down then it will run fine (on 256 Mb you should Expect to need pruning on any environment minus those that are geared as lightweight)

XFCE is light enough to install on minimal hardware, especially as you say if you prune things down a bit.

If you want really snappy performance on minimal or older hardware, try installing Xubuntu ... and then from the base install change the desktop to the even-lighter LXDE.

$ apt-get install lxde-desktop

... following your Xubuntu install. On the next boot, change the default session to LXDE instead of Xubuntu.

This will run very snappily even on minimal harware, yet installing it following Xubuntu still gives you an Ubuntu 8.10 base to your system.

Or you could just get LXDE/Ubuntu from here:
... but that site doesn't seem to have caught up with Ubuntu 8.10 as yet.

I hope this helps. Good luck.

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