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Graphics, User Interfaces At its annual MAX user conference, Adobe puts on the dog and serves up new tooling and other support for Flash. Adobe introduces Flex Builder Gumbo, Flash Catalyst " formerly known as Thermo, the availability of Adobe AIR 1.5 and a pre-release of the 64-bit Linux version of Adobe Flash Player 10. Adobe also opens up its cloud initiative, known as Cocomo, as a public beta.
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RE[2]: Good article
by TBPrince on Tue 18th Nov 2008 09:48 UTC in reply to "RE: Good article"
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Right. But I suspect release of 64bit Flash rushed for Linux and slowed for Windows is aimed to weaken Windows / .NET / Silverlight stack. And, btw, that's my stack of choice as that's a great platform. Just, it's less portable than Flash.

Note: you can run 32bit Flash on 64bit Windows too.

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