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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Thanks to the Mandriva Xfce volunteer development team, a community Xfce One edition of Mandriva Linux 2009 is now available for download from all official Mandriva mirrors. A list of download locations can be found on the Wiki page. This release gives you all the benefits of Mandriva Linux 2009 along with a fast and stable Xfce desktop.
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But here's the thing... even xfce to a certain degree is bloating on 256Mb seeing as it only leaves 100Mb free. On 256Mb I'm hesitant to recommend even a full kde3 session.

A good operating system will use RAM as efficiently as it can. If that means filling it all up, it's good. Empty RAM is wasted RAM. The question is not, how much RAM can an OS + XFCE fill up, but: from what amount of RAM does it start moving bits to the swap partition, and start coming to a crawl. In that respect, a "vanilla" XFCE really does need less RAM than Gnome or KDE.

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