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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris Thanks to the Mandriva Xfce volunteer development team, a community Xfce One edition of Mandriva Linux 2009 is now available for download from all official Mandriva mirrors. A list of download locations can be found on the Wiki page. This release gives you all the benefits of Mandriva Linux 2009 along with a fast and stable Xfce desktop.
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unetbootin isn't really recommended for MDV; I'd rather suggest lordikc's technique: that's a comprehensive guide to installing Mandriva with LXDE via USB on a netbook. In both English and French ;)

I found that site and tried it on the MSI Wind U100. My efforts got as far as the initial Mandriva One splash screen (which is further than the Unetbootin method got) and then died. I pressed escape ... only to see roughly the same message "underneath" the splash screen. The same (or near equivalent) thing had occurred just a little later in the boot sequence.

Still I have yet to achieve a successful boot for Mandriva One on the MSI Wind using a USB flash memory stick, after six tries using different methods that occurred to me.

No real help to be found here, either:

I've given up and gone back to Xubuntu. Even with its failings, at least I could get Xubuntu 8.10 to run. I've fixed the wifi, and I have installed the ppa launchpad version of the bluetooth stack, so I am well on the way to getting everything working (after a bit of effort).

Sadly, I can't report anywhere near the same success with Mandriva One on my MSI Wind ... which is a crying shame because Mandriva normally works very well just about anywhere one tries it.

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