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Window Managers The new 0.4 version of Etoile had just been released. Etoile intends to be an innovative, GNUstep-based, user environment built from the ground up on highly modular and light components. It is created with project and document orientation in mind, in order to allow users to create their own workflow by reshaping or recombining provided Services (aka Applications) and Components. 0.4 is a developer-targeted release on its way towards this goal. As a developer-focussed release, this predominantly consists of frameworks. A few demonstration applications are also included.
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by Hypnos on Wed 19th Nov 2008 07:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Darkmage"
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On my Gentoo+GNUstep install I have no such issues, and this is the first I've heard of it. So it's probably something specific to your system. There is one possibly related bug I could find that is Etoile-specific:

Running a particular GNUstep exhibiting this problem under gdb may be useful; tips here:

If you are running Gentoo, set the "debug" USE flag first.

Also, someone on the GNUstep mailing list or IRC channel (#gnustep @ freenode) may have some insight.

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